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Dear GAP-Forum,

David Joyner asked:
> Two minor issues I'd like to see addressed.
> 1. After typing LogTo("..."); once, I think it
> would be nice for either (a) GAP to return something
> like "GAP logging to file ..." or (b) for
> GAP to not break when the command is reentered.
This will be changed in the next release.

> 2. I think it would be nice if the terrific examples
> generated by this GAP forum could easily make its
> way into the gap manual (or else some new html document
> full of examples). I'm not sure of the easiest way
This is something we have been and will be discussing internally for some
time. One of the problems is how to put examples (which often use more than
a single command) in the ``right'' place to find them when needed, doing so
would require substantial intervention by hand.
(If anyone would be interested in maintaining such a collection (for
example by adding keywords to forum mails) please contact us at `gap-trouble'.)

It might also be worth to mention the automatic search function for forum
mails, available at:

Best wishes,

Alexander Hulpke

-- Colorado State University, Department of Mathematics,
Weber Building, Fort Collins, CO 80523, USA
email: hulpke@math.colostate.edu, Phone: ++1-970-4914288

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