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^ From: Gaunce Lewis <LGLEWIS@syr.edu >
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Dear gap forum

Let me offer a slight correction to the claim that IE does not handle gz
files like those at


In fact, IE almost handles them correctly. If you ask IE to download one
of those files, it does so, and decompresses the file so that the unzipped
file sits on your hard disk. However, IE does not bother to remove the gz
extension from the file name. For example, the file I tested was named
manual.dvi.gz. IE left the unzipped file manual.dvi on my hard disk when
it finished the download, but left it with the name manual.dvi.gz. If you
edit the file name to remove the gz from the end, then you have a perfectly
readable copy of manual.dvi. I don't know why IE does this, but it is a
standard feature of Microsoft software that has been around for some
time. It is a bit of a pain, but provided people are told what to do, one
can use the gz approach, which sure saves on download time.

Best wishes,

At 04:13 PM 9/9/01 +0200, you wrote:
 >Dear GAP Forum
 >On Sun, Sep 09, 2001 at 09:22:00AM +0100, Kurt Ewald wrote:
 > > Dima writes IE on windows 9* cannot do this
 >Thanks Dima ... I guess 3) (with gzip-ed man pages) is a non-starter.
 > > What is IE, please
 >IE = Internet Explorer (the web browser provided with windows 9*).
 >   Regards,
 >   Greg Gamble

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