> < ^ Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 09:41:20 +0100
> < ^ From: Alexander Hulpke <hulpke@math.colostate.edu >
^ Subject: Sisyphos share package

Dear Gap-Forum,

Jorge Pedraza Arpasi has made us aware of an error in the share package
'sisyphos' that may lead to erranous results in isomorphism tests. The author,
Martin Wursthorn has fixed this in an upgraded version. This new version
0.8.3 of sisyphos can be found on darfnix.mathematik.uni-stuttgart.de
in the directory '/pub/sisyphos' or on the corresponding web page

If you use the 'sisyphos' share package you should get this new version.

You can also find it in the file 'sisyphos-new.zoo' in the 'split' directory
of the GAP ftp distribution or on our web page:
(And of course on its mirrors.)

The new version can be used as a drop in replacement for the old one. Please
read the file 'README.GAP' if you want to use SISYPHOS as GAP share package.

Best regards,

Alexander Hulpke

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