> < ^ Date: Fri, 02 May 1997 21:33:53 +0100
> < ^ From: Alexander Hulpke <hulpke@math.colostate.edu >
^ Subject: PC-Version of 3.4.4

Dear GAP-Forum,

Leonard Soicher and Warren Koepp have made us aware of problems with the
precompiled PC binaries.

When we created the 3.4.4 binaries for the PC we used version 2 of the
DJ-Gnu Compiler. Not only does it require a 'protected mode interface' to be
installed, it seems also, that this compiler has a bug which
prevents the programs from running correctly (at least under Windows95).

Therefore, we have compiled unzoo and GAP again with the version 1 of this
compiler. These new binaries work without errors.
If you use DOS or Windows you should get these updated files.
The omnibus archive gappc344.zoo now also contains the new binary.

We have updated the distribution files in St. Andrews and Aachen, the
mirrors should update it within the next days. You will also find it on our
web page
or one of its mirrors.

Please excuse the problems this may have created.

Best regards,

Werner Nickel
Alexander Hulpke

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