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^ Subject: Small Groups Library

Message to Forum from Mike Newman:

Dear Members of the GAP Forum,

It is a pleasure to announce the GAP library/package SmallGroupsLibrary
prepared and written by Hans Ulrich Besche, Bettina Eick and Eamonn O'Brien.

The library provides access to all groups with order up to 2000 and certain
infinite families - such as all the groups whose order is the product of at
most 3 primes.

The access takes several forms. For example, one can get a list of all
groups of order 720 or one can restrict this to get the insoluble groups of
this order only.

The library also includes an identification function. This returns the
library number for a given group. It is available for all orders in the
library except 512 and 1536.

SmallGroupsLibrary is part of the standard GAP distribution. It can also be
obtained from


Questions concerning the library or its installation should be addressed to
the authors of the library or to gap-trouble@dcs.st-and.ac.uk.

Mike Newman
for the GAP Council

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