> < ^ Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 16:24:32 +0300 (????)
> < ^ From: Vitaliy I. Mysovskikh <vimys@pdmi.ras.ru >
^ Subject: CA Workshop in St.Petersburg

Dear GAP Forum,

Let me draw your attention to the Workshop on Computer Algebra in
Scientific Computing (CASC-98) to be held April 20-24, 1998
in St.Petersburg. Topics on CGT are included in its programme.
People dealing with GAP would be very much welcome to participate.
There is a limited financial support for German participants via DFG,
the deadline of the application is 19.01.1998. The first announcement
with some new particularities may be found out by WWW addresses:


or http://www.pdmi.ras.ru/EIMI/comalg

Best wishes, Vitaliy Mysovskikh

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