> < ^ Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 14:48:47 +0000 (MSK)
> < ^ From: Vitaliy I. Mysovskikh <vimys@pdmi.ras.ru >
> < ^ Subject: Re: Maximal subgroups of SymmetricGroup(9)

Dear Alexander, dear GAP-forum,

Dear Forum,
I have tried to calculate maximal subgroups of symmetric groups
using MaximalSubgroups in GAP 3.4.4.
This was successfull for all n not greater then 8, but for n=9
I obtain the following message:

Error, sorry, can' t identify the group's solvable residuum in
struct.operations.RepresentativesPerfectSubgroups( struct ) called from
RepresentativesPerfectSubgroups( ShallowCopyNoSC( G ) ) called from
struct.operations.LatticeSubgroups( struct ) called from
LatticeSubgroups( G ) called from
G.operations.ConjugacyClassesMaximalSubgroups( G ) called from

What does it mean ?
Whether function MaximalSubgroups couldn't work in this case ?

The algorithm for computing Lattice(G) in GAP3 uses information
about perfect subgroups of G. These are not available for S9 from GAP
libraries. If you add the list of them (up to conjugacy), the
conputation will be fullfiled without problems. In particular,
I can send you such a list for S9.

Best wishes, Vitaliy Mysovskikh

Dr. Vitaliy I. Mysovskikh
St.Petersburg State University
Department of Mathematics and Mechanics 
Bibliotechnaya pl. 2, Stariy Peterhof
St.Petersburg, 198904, RUSSIA
E-mail: vimys@pdmi.ras.ru

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