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Dear Forum,

I need to have the character table of the group M10 (i.e.
the isotropy group of a point in the permutation representation
of the mathieu group M11 on 11 points). Here I mean not only
M10 but also any covering groups or extensions, as in the
ATLAS. If you know where I can find such a table or how to
ask GAP to give me ALL of this information, please let me know.
I think I might be able to ask GAP for the character table of
M11 by itself, but not of all these related groups.

Allan Adler

To my knowledge, all the character tables related to A_6 that are in the
Atlas are in GAP, as well. The thing is to use the appropriate name
(a call to AllCharTabNames() gives you all the available (nongeneric ?)
character tables. This is what is available:
 "2.A6", "2.A6.2_1", "2.A6.2_2", 
 "3.A6", "3.A6.2_1", 
 "3.A6.2_2", "3.A6.2_3", "3.A6.2^2", "6.A6", "6.A6.2_1", 
  "A6", "A6.2_1", "A6.2_2", "A6.2_3", 

One could check the Atlas to find what the appropriate name is.

Best wishes,
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