> < ^ Date: Fri, 09 May 1997 18:13:00 +0100
> < ^ From: Chris Wensley <c.d.wensley@bangor.ac.uk >
^ Subject: List of GAP 3.4.4 functions

Dear GAP Forum

I have produced a (hopefully) complete list of GAP functions following
the 3.4.4 release and have placed a compressed version in the incoming
directory in case it is of use to other users.
There are 6751 lines in the list, giving the name of the function;
the package, the file and the line number in the file where it is defined.
The last entry specifies an Operations Record, where appropriate.
A "*" in the last entry indicates the definition of an operations record.
Many functions appear in many operations records, e.g. Print 156 times.
Functions are ordered by character order, so upper case comes first,
followed by \=, \in, etc., and finally 74 with first char in lower case.
Functions were found by searching for ":= function", and the list includes
many which are not documented in the manual. Packages providing an
interface to standalone C programs provide relatively few entries.
Local files are excluded if they are indented and have lower case names,
but some local files do not follow these conventions and may be included.
Files in /lib are specified to be in package "main".
Files in share packages are usually to be found in subdirectory
/pkg<pkgname>/lib/ or /pkg/<pkgname>/gap/ but this is not shown in the list.
The first two and last two entries are:

Function name                       package   file(.g)  line#  Ops record
=================================== ========  ========  =====  ==============
AGDoubleCosets                      main      agcoset     320
ANUPQSPerror                        anupq     anusp        55
vcycOps                             chevie    vcyc         35  *
vec2ext                             autag     extend      149  AutGroupOps

The file is available as: /pub/incoming/allgapfn.uue
After ftp transfer it may be unscrambled using:
> uudecode allgapfn.uue
> uncompress allgapfn.lst.Z

Chris Wensley

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