> < ^ Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 20:43:50 +0100
< ^ From: Roberto Radina <radina@socrates.mat.unimi.it >
> < ^ Subject: Re: Maximum allocable memory

I just ran GAP (4r3, patch 5) on a Windows 2000 machine with 512MB of RAM
and a swap file size of 288MB with -m 383m passed to GAP. Anything larger
than 383MB seems to choke this machine. I have experimented with different

I do have a newer version of the cygwin1.dll than comes with GAP, and that
may explain why I am able to have a larger workspace for GAP than Roberto
even though I have less main memory.

Thank you: that's the point. I tried on another machine (Windows 98, 64
MB of RAM) and the limits are the same: 127 MB with the original
cygwin1.dll and 383 MB with the latest version.

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