> < ^ Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 12:49:32 -0500
^ From: Gary Zablackis <GaryZablackis@worldnet.att.net >
> < ^ Subject: Re: Maximum allocable memory

Roberto Radina asked:

What is the maximum amount of memory that can be allocated? There is any
difference between Unix and Windows?
In a Window2000 machine with 1.5 GB of main memory apparently I can only
127MB (with -m 128M GAP says that can't extend the workspace).

I just ran GAP (4r3, patch 5) on a Windows 2000 machine with 512MB of RAM
and a swap file size of 288MB with -m 383m passed to GAP. Anything larger
than 383MB seems to choke this machine. I have experimented with different
swap file sizes (up to 512MB) and with defragmenting the swap file, but
always come up with the same limit.
The swap file on Roberto's machine may be too small or there may be too many
other processes running on his machine for GAP to allocate the memory it
needs for the workspace.
I do have a newer version of the cygwin1.dll than comes with GAP, and that
may explain why I am able to have a larger workspace for GAP than Roberto
even though I have less main memory.


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