> < ^ Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1992 09:16:37 +0100
> < ^ From: Martin Schoenert <martin.schoenert@math.rwth-aachen.de >
> < ^ Subject: Re: patch on NeXT

Geoffrey Mess writes in his e-mail message of 29-Sep-92:

Using patch-2.0.12u3, I tried to do the first upgrade. I got the
following results:

argo.math.ucla.edu> patch -p0 < upg3r1p1.dif
Hmm... Looks like a unified diff to me...
The text leading up to this was:

[... about 200 lines of text ...]

|Now for the upgrade itself
|diff -u doc/aboutgap.tex doc/aboutgap.tex
|--- doc/aboutgap.tex   Thu Apr  9 14:06:31 1992
|+++ doc/aboutgap.tex   Thu Apr 30 14:38:06 1992
File to patch: ^C

I just checked. Unified diff format support was added to 'patch' in
version 12u1 and the ability to recognize it automatically was added in
version 12u2. Thus your version 12u3 should have no problems with it.
In fact 'patch's output 'Hmm... Looks like a unified diff to me...'
shows that it recognizes the format correctly.

Instead the problem seems to be something else. For some reason 'patch'
cannot find the file 'doc/aboutgap.tex'. The argument '-p0' tells
'patch' to take the filenames exactely as they are, without it it would
look for 'aboutgap.tex' in the current directory. There are several
possibilities why this might happen.

The first possibility is that you are not in the <gap-directory>, which
is the one with the subdirectories 'doc/', 'lib/', and 'src/'. In this
case you should first 'cd' to this directory before calling 'patch'.

The second possibility is that you don't have the documentation on-line.
In this case you should simply hit <return> when 'patch' asks you which
file to modify.

Geoffrey Mess continues:

I tried to install patch-2.0.12u4 (obtained from samson), but the
Configure process exited unsuccessfully. Has anyone succeeded either
in installing patch-2.0.12u4 on a Next or in doing the upgrade with
patch-2.0.12u3 ?

I have no idea why 'patch's configure script should fail. I think Frank
Celler has the version 'patch' from 'samson' installed on his NeXT but I
cannot check this before he returns from his holidays. However, as I
pointed out already, there should be no important difference between 12u3
and 12u4.


Martin Sch"onert, Martin.Schoenert@Math.RWTH-Aachen.DE, +49 241 804551
Lehrstuhl D f"ur Mathematik, Templergraben 64, RWTH, D 51 Aachen, Germany

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