> < ^ Date: Wed, 24 May 1995 19:51:00 +0100 (WET)
> < ^ From: Martin Schoenert <martin.schoenert@math.rwth-aachen.de >
> ^ Subject: Upgrade for GAP 3.4 patchlevel 1 (V3R4P1) to patchlectl 2 (V3R4P2)

This is to announce the availability of the second upgrade for GAP 3.4.
This upgrade brings version 3 release 4 patchlevel 1 (V3R4P1) to version
3 release 4 patchlevel 2 (V3R4P2). The priority of this upgrade is
medium. That means that you may choose to skip this upgrade if you have
no problems with GAP V3R4P1 and don't want the new contributed packages.

This upgrade fixes all reported bugs. All those bugs were either
harmless or impossible to miss.

This upgrade adds the Cohomology package by D.Holt, and the GUAVA package
by R.Baart, J.Cramwinckel, E.Roijackers.

This upgrade *does* change the kernel. Thus you must recompile.

The upgrade is *not* available as patch file. Such a patch file would
simply be too large (mostly because of the two contributed packages).

Because 'ftp' connections between Aachen and US/Canada sites are *very*
slow for once the problem is not in Aachen ;-), I would like to ask
USA/Canada users to get the upgrade fron one of the mirror servers,
either from 'ftp://archives.math.utk.edu:/software/multi-platform/gap/'
or from ftp://'ftp.mth.pdx.edu:/pub/math/gap/'.

Enjoy, Martin.

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Martin Sch"onert,   Martin.Schoenert@Math.RWTH-Aachen.DE,   +49 241 804551
Lehrstuhl D f"ur Mathematik, Templergraben 64, RWTH, 52056 Aachen, Germany

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