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Hello Gap Forum, I would like to know how to create the Free
Associative Algebra with a one with some small number
of generators over a field like the rationals and
then factor out the ideal generated by some few words in the
generators. I would then like to know something about the
quotient like its dimension over the rationals and how
to compute the dimension of some subideal generated by
some words in the generators. I suppose sometime I would
like to know a basis. I know it is finite
dimensional. I have seen how to do this
for groups and Lie algebras but not associative algebras
in general. I would appreciate any help.
Thanks very much, David Wales

Example, the free associative algebra with 1 and with two generators
a and b mod the relations a^2=b^2=1 and abab=1. I know
this is a group algebra but you get the idea. David

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