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The Gauss Package Manual

Extended Gauss Functionality for GAP

Version 2019.09.02

March 2013

Simon Goertzen
Lehrstuhl B für Mathematik
Templergraben 64
52062 Aachen


This document explains the primary uses of the Gauss package. Included is a documented list of the most important methods and functions needed to work with sparse matrices and the algorithms provided by the Gauss package.


© 2007-2013 by Simon Goertzen

This package may be distributed under the terms and conditions of the GNU Public License Version 2 or (at your option) any later version.


The Gauss package would not have been possible without the helpful contributions by

Many thanks to these two and the Lehrstuhl B für Mathematik in general. It should be noted that the GAP algorithms for SemiEchelonForm and other methods formed an important and informative basis for the development of the extended Gaussian algorithms. This manual was created with the help of the GAPDoc package by F. Lübeck and M. Neunhöffer [LN08].


1 Introduction
2 Extending Gauss Functionality
3 The Sparse Matrix Data Type
4 Gaussian Algorithms
A An Overview of the Gauss package source code

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