> < ^ Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1992 00:47:18 +0100
> < ^ From: David Sibley <sibley@math.psu.edu >
> < ^ Subject: Re: GAP for Mac ; and question(s)

Borcic Boris <borbor@divsun.unige.ch> writes:

As it is, GAP outputs to a window with no sliders, and thus no
history. The THINK C wrapper allows to copy this output into
a file, but that file can only be consulted after exiting GAP.
He tells me that adding a slider to the window might simply
be a matter of putting the right resource into the GAP application.
I am doubtful. Does anyone *know* what would be involved ?
This would be a huge improvement for someone working with
an SE/30 !

Alas, much more is involved than adding a resource to the file. This
seems to be a common misunderstanding among naive Mac users. My
favorite is the fellow who used ResEdit to add an entry to a menu,
thinking that adding a few words to a menu was all that was necessary
to add a new feature. Your friend's proposal is no more correct than
this. The resources can be changed so that the window that comes up
has a slider on it, but there is still no code to make the slider
actually do anything. Indeed, there's not even any code to make the
slider move.

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