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4 publications using GAP in the category "Ordinary differential equations"

[ABC14] Álvarez, A., Bravo, J. L., and Christopher, C., On the trigonometric moment problem, Ergodic Theory Dynam. Systems, 34 (1) (2014), 1–20.

[D01] Draisma, J., Recognizing the symmetry type of O.D.E.s, J. Pure Appl. Algebra, 164 (1-2) (2001), 109–128
(Effective methods in algebraic geometry (Bath, 2000)).

[EW10] Effenberger, F. and Weiskopf, D., Finding and classifying critical points of 2D vector fields: a cell-oriented approach using group theory, Comput. Vis. Sci., 13 (8) (2010), 377–396.

[S05] Sottocornola, N., Simple homoclinic cycles in low-dimensional spaces, J. Differential Equations, 210 (1) (2005), 135–154.