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This is a page on GAP 3, which is still available, but no longer supported. The present version is GAP 4  (See  Status of GAP 3).


First of all read the pages Status of GAP 3 and possibly GAP 3 to GAP 4.

The GAP 3 branch

From this page we start a separate branch of Web pages for the older version GAP 3. Please note that all pages of this GAP 3 branch will still carry the top bar pointing to the main branches of the whole GAP site. The GAP 3 branch has main subbranches that are very similar to corresponding main branches of the GAP site. However note that there are some pages referring to the whole GAP project and these will not be duplicated in the GAP 3 branch. You find the main subbranches of the GAP 3 branch as 'children' of the GAP 3 page in the left navigator bar.

Development of GAP 3

GAP 3 was started at Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik of RWTH Aachen in 1986 and further developed there. Since 1997 it has been maintained from St Andrews.

User Contributions to GAP 3

Over the years several pieces of code and data for GAP 3 have been made available by users of GAP 3 to other users. These fall into three categories which we list on different Web pages.

GAP 3 Share Packages: Since 1992 a set of user contributed programs has been given the status of 'share packages' if it was thought to represent a piece of work equivalent to a sizeable mathematical publication.

GAP 3 Data Libraries: GAP 3 also contains many 'data libraries' which we list on a separate page with a brief characterisation of their contents.

GAP 3 Deposited Contributions: Finally there are several pieces of code, listed on a third page as 'deposited contributions' which have in no way been checked by the GAP team.

There are similar lists of user contributions for GAP 4. Note, however, that terminology has changed: What is called 'share package' here is simply called 'package' with GAP 4. Also note that even where packages, data libraries or deposited contributions for GAP 3 and GAP 4 have the same or similar names their contents may differ considerably.

How to cite GAP 3

If you use GAP 3 in work that leads to a publication, please cite it.