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GAP package CRISP

Computing with Radicals, Injectors, Schunck classes and Projectors


Burkhard Höfling


Burkhard Höfling

Short Description

The GAP package CRISP provides algorithms for computing subgroups of finite soluble groups related to a group class C. In particular, it allows to compute C-radicals and C-injectors for Fitting classes (and Fitting sets) C, C-residuals for formations C, and C-projectors for Schunck classes C. In order to carry out these computations, the group class C must be represented by an algorithm which can decide membership in the group class.

Moreover, CRISP contains algorithms for the computation of normal subgroups invariant under a prescribed set of automorphisms and belonging to a given group class.

This includes an improved method to compute the set of all normal subgroups of a finite soluble group, its characteristic subgroups, minimal normal subgroups and the socle and p-socles for given primes p.


Current version shipped with GAP: 1.4.5   (Released 07/11/2019)


accepted    (communicated by Joachim Neubüser (Aachen), accepted 01/12/2000)


GAP version: >=4.5

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