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GAP package GBNP

computing Gröbner bases of noncommutative polynomials


A.M. Cohen, J.W. Knopper


A.M. Cohen, J.W. Knopper

Short Description

The GBNP package provides algorithms for computing Grobner bases of noncommutative polynomials with coefficients from a field implemented in GAP and with respect to the "total degree first then lexicographical" ordering. Further provided are some variations, such as a weighted and truncated version and a tracing facility. The word "algorithm" is to be interpreted loosely here: in general one cannot expect such an algorithm to terminate, as it would imply solvability of the word problem for finitely presented (semi)groups.


Current version shipped with GAP: 1.0.3   (Released 08/03/2016)


accepted    (communicated by Alexander Hulpke (Fort Collins, CO), accepted 01/05/2010)


GAP version: >=4.4
Needed other packages: GAPDoc(>= 0.99)

Online documentation

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