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GAP package GUAVA

a GAP package for computing with error-correcting codes


Reinald Baart, Tom Boothby, Jasper Cramwinckel, Joe Fields, David Joyner, Robert Miller, Eric Minkes, Erik Roijackers, Lea Ruscio, Cen Tjhai


Joe Fields

Short Description

GUAVA is a GAP package for computing with codes. GUAVA can construct unrestricted (non-linear), linear and cyclic codes; transform one code into another (for example by puncturing); construct a new code from two other codes (using direct sums for example); perform decoding/error-correction; and can calculate important data of codes (such as the minumim distance or covering radius) quickly. Limited ability to compute algebraic geometric codes.


Current version shipped with GAP: 3.15   (Released 13/04/2019)


accepted    (communicated by Charles Wright (Eugene), accepted 01/02/2003)


GAP version: >= 4.8.0
Suggested other packages: SONATA(>= 2.3)

Online documentation

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