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This is a page on GAP 3, which is still available, but no longer supported. The present version is GAP 4  (See  Status of GAP 3).

GAP 3 Data Library "Irreducible Solvable Matrix Groups"


Irreducible solvable subgroups of GL(V) for |V| up to 243.


Mark Short.


Mark W. Short, The Primitive Soluble Permutation Groups of Degree less than 256, volume 1519 of Lecture Notes in Math., Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg and New York, 1992.

GAP 3 Manual section

A manual of the Irreducible Solvable Linear Groups Library is given as section 37.10 of the GAP 3 manual.

Corresponding GAP 4 data library

GAP 4 Data Library Irreducible Solvable Matrix Groups.
Up to release 3 of GAP 4 the GAP 3 library has been taken over unchanged.

Contact address

Mark Short