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This is a page on GAP 3, which is still available, but no longer supported. The present version is GAP 4  (See  Status of GAP 3).

GAP 3 Share Package "cohomolo"

Cohomological calculations for finite groups

Share package since release 3.4, about May 1995.
Corresponding GAP 4 package: GAP 4 package "cohomolo".


Derek Holt.


Language: C
Operating system: Unix
Current version: (no version number given in the 3.4.4 distribution)


The cohomology package defines functions which may be used to perform certain cohomological calculations on a finite group G. These include:

  • The p-part P of the Schur multiplier of G, and a presentation of a covering extension of P by G, for a specified prime p;
  • The dimensions of the first and second cohomology groups of G acting on a finite dimensional KG module M, where K is a field of prime order; and
  • Presentations of split and nonsplit extensions of M by G.


A cohomolo manual is given in chapter 59 of the GAP 3 manual.

Contact address

Derek F. Holt
Mathematics Institute
University of Warwick
Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL