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On this page we collect references to applications of GAP, some of them in rather unexpected areas. The references may point just to papers or also to implementations. In the latter case interested users should contact the authors if they want to get access to the implementations.

Many other applications of GAP can be found in the GAP bibliography. The Statistic page gives the number of publications per year and numbers of publications by MSC2010 categories.

Additional contributions are welcome.

Characters and Automorphism Groups of Compact Riemann Surfaces
Many results in this book by Thomas Breuer have been obtained using GAP.

Invariant Theory of Finite Groups
Theory ( dvi, ps, pdf) and a GAP session ( dvi, ps, pdf). Lecture Notes, University of Leicester, MCS Technical Report No. 2004/16, by Jürgen Müller.

An overview on Condensation Techniques
A summary also pointing to a course of lectures given at the university of Essen in 2003/4 by Jürgen Müller.

Group Theory and Molecular Spectroscopy
In a paper by Roman Schmied and Kevin K. Lehmann a short GAP program is presented for computing nuclear spin statistical weights of rovibronic symmetry species in polyatomic molecules. As examples, benzene dimer and methane dimer are discussed.

There is a patent on database manipulations using group theory which refers to GAP --
(GAP is mentioned four times. Just search the text for the string "GAP".)