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GAP 4.8.6

For an overview of changes in GAP 4.8.6 see file.

Linux and OS X

Download one of the archives below, unpack it and run ./configure; make in the unpacked directory. Then change to the pkg subdirectory and call ../bin/ to run the script which will build most of the packages that require compilation (provided sufficiently many libraries, headers and tools are available). For further details, see here. Expert users can find the description of all installation options in the file.

gap4r8p6_2016_11_12-14_25.tar.gz 309 MB md5: da641ad495b1a33b595c48e8c5e5350f
gap4r8p6_2016_11_12-14_25.tar.bz2 256 MB md5: 4c8706811b27f5bdd42eda66cf190030 330 MB md5: 74c6688631450b4e27fb83a2d9a90697

You may also consider one of the alternative distributions. Note, however, that these are updated independently and may not yet provide the latest GAP release.


We strongly recommend to use the .exe installer which contains binaries for GAP (compiled with the support of GMP and readline libraries) and for selected GAP packages, and provides the standard installation procedure. Note that the path to the GAP directory should not contain spaces. For example, you may install it in C:\gap4r8 (default), D:\gap4r8p3 or C:\Math\GAP\gap4r8, but you must not install it in a directory named like C:\Program files\gap4r8 or C:\Users\alice\My Documents\gap4r8 etc.

gap4r8p6_2016_11_12-14_25.exe 412 MB md5: 40c10144ebbec3b0ea3fb6a64355a0b9

The .exe installer should work for the majority of users. Alternatively (for example, if you don't have administrator's privileges on your Windows computer), you may use the archive and edit .bat files manually following instructions from the file. Furthermore, in case of technical problems with readline support under Windows (e.g. command line editing doesn't work, or GAP crashes at startup), we recommend to try the archive. 431 MB md5: 920426d0d5d01b3ca3cf7948cf633bfc 431 MB md5: 3169c47ef19de266dfce61c12536b775

In addition, there is an experimental 64-bit version of GAP for Windows here: 428 MB md5: 73adae72f98eee5c8058d74cf37c6ef4

Packages included in this release

Each of the archives with the timestamp gap4r8p6_2016_11_12-14_25 contains the core GAP system (the source code, data libraries, regression tests and documentation), and the following selection of packages:

4ti2Interface 2015.11.06  06/11/2015  A link to 4ti2
ACE 5.2  11/03/2016  Advanced Coset Enumerator
AClib 1.2  29/05/2012  Almost Crystallographic Groups - A Library and Algorithms
Alnuth 3.0.0  26/10/2011  Algebraic number theory and an interface to PARI/GP
ANUPQ 3.1.4  08/03/2016  ANU p-Quotient
AtlasRep 1.5.1  30/03/2016  A GAP Interface to the Atlas of Group Representations
AutoDoc 2016.03.08  08/03/2016  Generate documentation from GAP source code
Automata 1.13  19/11/2011  A package on automata
AutomGrp 1.3  28/03/2016  Automata groups
AutPGrp 1.6  29/05/2012  Computing the Automorphism Group of a p-Group
Browse 1.8.6  15/08/2014  browsing applications and ncurses interface
CAP 2016.02.19  19/02/2016  Categories, Algorithms, Programming
Carat 2.1.6  23/05/2016  Interface to CARAT, a crystallographic groups package
Circle 1.5.4  08/01/2016  Adjoint groups of finite rings
cohomolo 1.6.4  20/01/2016  Cohomology groups of finite groups on finite modules
Congruence 1.1.1  28/10/2014  Congruence subgroups of SL(2,Integers)
Convex 2013.12.05  05/12/2013  A package for fan combinatorics
CoReLG 1.20  02/12/2014  computation with real Lie groups
Crime 1.4  01/6/2011  A GAP Package to Calculate Group Cohomology and Massey Products
CRISP 1.4.4  20/03/2016  Computing with Radicals, Injectors, Schunck classes and Projectors
Cryst 4.1.12  10/10/2013  Computing with crystallographic groups
CrystCat 1.1.6  29/05/2012  The crystallographic groups catalog
CTblLib 1.2.2  07/03/2013  The GAP Character Table Library
Cubefree 1.16  06/09/2016  Constructing the Groups of a Given Cubefree Order
cvec 2.5.6  08/11/2016  Compact vectors over finite fields
DESIGN 1.6  23/11/2011  The Design Package for GAP
Digraphs 0.5.2  20/06/2016  
EDIM 1.3.2  12/06/2013  Elementary Divisors of Integer Matrices
Example 3.4.5  28/10/2014  Example/Template of a GAP Package and Guidelines for Package Authors
ExamplesForHomalg 2015.11.06  06/11/2015  Examples for the GAP Package homalg
FactInt 1.5.3  16/06/2011  Advanced Methods for Factoring Integers
FGA 1.3.1  28/02/2016  Free Group Algorithms
FinInG 1.3.3  16/02/2016  Finite Incidence Geometry
float 0.7.4  18/06/2016  Integration of mpfr, mpfi, mpc, fplll and cxsc in GAP
FORMAT 1.3  05/26/2012  Computing with formations of finite solvable groups.
Forms 1.2.3  26/10/2015  Sesquilinear and Quadratic
FPLSA 1.1  17/11/2003  Finitely Presented Lie Algebras
fr 2.3.6  21/04/2016  Computations with functionally recursive groups
fwtree 1.0  23/04/2009  Computing trees related to some pro-p-groups of finite width
GAPDoc 1.5.1  23/02/2012  A Meta Package for GAP Documentation
Gauss 2015.11.06  06/11/2015  Extended Gauss functionality for GAP
GaussForHomalg 2015.11.06  06/11/2015  Gauss functionality for the homalg project
GBNP 1.0.3  08/03/2016  computing Groebner bases of noncommutative polynomials
GeneralizedMorphismsForCAP 2015.12.09  09/12/2015  Implementations of generalized morphisms for the CAP project
genss 1.6.4  08/03/2016  Generic Schreier-Sims
gpd 1.45  02/11/2016  Groupoids, graphs of groups, and graphs of groupoids
GradedModules 2015.12.04  04/12/2015  A homalg based package for the Abelian category of finitely presented graded modules over computable graded rings
GradedRingForHomalg 2015.12.04  04/12/2015  Endow Commutative Rings with an Abelian Grading
GRAPE 4.7  08/01/2016  GRaph Algorithms using PErmutation groups
GrpConst 2.5  07/12/2015  Constructing the Groups of a Given Order
Guarana 0.94  27/04/2012  Applications of Lie methods for computations with infinite polycyclic groups
GUAVA 3.13  31/01/2016  a GAP package for computing with error-correcting codes
HAP 1.11.13  03/11/2015  Homological Algebra Programming
HAPcryst 0.1.11  27/10/2013  A HAP extension for crytallographic groups
HAPprime 0.6  09/06/2011  a HAP extension for small prime power groups
hecke 1.4  02/07/2013  Hecke - Specht 2.4 ported to GAP 4
HeLP 3.0  03/03/2016  Hertweck-Luthar-Passi method.
homalg 2015.11.05  05/11/2015  A homological algebra meta-package for computable Abelian categories
HomalgToCAS 2015.12.08  08/12/2015  A window to the outer world
idrel 2.34  20/10/2016  Identities among relations
IntPic 0.2.1  05/06/2015  A package for drawing integers
IO 4.4.6  08/03/2016  Bindings for low level C library I/O routines
IO_ForHomalg 2015.11.06  06/11/2015  IO capabilities for the homalg project
IRREDSOL 1.3.1  20/03/2016  A library of irreducible soluble linear groups over finite fields and of finite primivite soluble groups
ITC 1.4  06/01/2004  Interactive Todd-Coxeter
json 1.1.0  01/11/2016  Reading and Writing JSON
kan 1.27  20/10/2016  including double coset rewriting systems
kbmag 1.5.3  16/01/2016  Knuth-Bendix on Monoids and Automatic Groups
LAGUNA 3.7.0  11/11/2014  Lie AlGebras and UNits of group Algebras
liealgdb 2.1  28/03/2010  A database of Lie algebras
LiePRing 1.8  08/11/2013  Database and algorithms for Lie p-rings
LieRing 2.3  01/11/2016  finitely presented Lie rings
linboxing 0.5.2  19/05/2011  access to LinBox linear algebra functions from GAP
LinearAlgebraForCAP 2015.12.03  03/12/2015  Category of Matrices over a Field for CAP
LocalizeRingForHomalg 2015.11.06  06/11/2015  A Package for Localization of Polynomial Rings
loops 3.3.0  26/10/2016  Computing with quasigroups and loops in GAP
MapClass 1.2  24/04/2012  A Package For Mapping Class Orbit Computation
matgrp 0.4  25/02/2015  Matric Group Interface Routines
MatricesForHomalg 2015.11.06  06/11/2015  Matrices for the homalg project
ModIsom 2.3.3  08/01/2016  Computing automorphisms and checking isomorphisms for modular group algebras of finite p-groups
ModulePresentationsForCAP 2015.12.09  09/12/2015  Category R-pres for CAP
Modules 2016.01.20  20/01/2016  A homalg based package for the Abelian category of finitely presented modules over computable rings
Nilmat 1.2  10/08/2007  Computing with nilpotent matrix groups
NormalizInterface 0.9.8  07/05/2016  GAP wrapper for Normaliz
nq 2.5.3  08/03/2016  Nilpotent Quotients of Finitely Presented Groups
NumericalSgps 1.0.1  05/06/2015  A package for numerical semigroups
OpenMath 11.3.1  08/01/2016  OpenMath functionality in GAP
orb 4.7.6  08/03/2016  Methods to enumerate Orbits
ParGAP 1.4.0  17/11/2013  Parallel GAP
PatternClass 2.1  27/08/2015  A permutation pattern class package
permut 1.03  30/07/2015  A package to deal with permutability in finite groups
Polenta 1.3.7  09/11/2016  Polycyclic presentations for matrix groups
Polycyclic 2.11  07/03/2013  Computation with polycyclic groups
PolymakeInterface 2015.01.26  26/01/2015  A package to provide algorithms for fans and cones of polymake to other packages
polymaking 0.8.1  16/11/2013  Interfacing the geometry software polymake
profiling 1.1.0  01/11/2016  Line by line profiling and code coverage for GAP
qaos 1.2  25/02/2016  Interfacing the QaoS database from GAP
QPA 1.25  21/10/2016  Quivers and Path Algebras
QuaGroup 1.8  16/08/2013  a package for doing computations with quantum groups
RadiRoot 2.7  09/04/2014  Roots of a Polynomial as Radicals
RCWA 4.4.1  22/05/2016  Residue-Class-Wise Affine Groups
RDS 1.6  16/02/2012  A package for searching relative difference sets
recog 1.2.5  08/03/2016  A collection of group recognition methods
recogbase 1.2.5  08/03/2016  A framework for group recognition
Repsn 3.0.2  25/08/2011  A GAP4 Package for constructing representations of finite groups
ResClasses 4.5.0  14/05/2016  Set-Theoretic Computations with Residue Classes
RingsForHomalg 2016.01.20  20/01/2016  Dictionaries of external rings
SCO 2015.11.06  06/11/2015  SCO - Simplicial Cohomology of Orbifolds
SCSCP 2.1.4  17/11/2013  Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol in GAP
Semigroups 2.8.0  26/05/2016  
SglPPow 2.0  11/08/2016  Database of groups of prime-power order for some prime-powers
SgpViz 0.998  31/05/2008  A package for semigroup visualization
simpcomp 2.1.6  01/02/2016  A GAP toolbox for simplicial complexes
singular 12.04.28  28/04/2012  The GAP interface to Singular
SLA 1.2  01/11/2016  a package for doing computations with simple Lie algebras
Smallsemi 0.6.10  13/01/2015  A library of small semigroups
SONATA 2.8  29/07/2015  System of nearrings and their applications
Sophus 1.23  03/02/2006  Computing in nilpotent Lie algebras
SpinSym 1.5  01/02/2013  Brauer tables of spin-symmetric groups
SymbCompCC 1.2  19/11/2011  Computing with parametrised presentations for p-groups of fixed coclass
TomLib 1.2.6  07/11/2016  The GAP Library of Tables of Marks
ToolsForHomalg 2016.02.17  17/02/2016  Special methods and knowledge propagation tools
toric 1.8  03/05/2012  toric varieties and some combinatorial geometry computations
ToricVarieties 2012.12.22  22/12/2012  A package to handle toric varieties
unipot 1.2  16/11/2004  Computing with elements of unipotent subgroups of Chevalley groups
UnitLib 3.2.0  11/11/2014  Library of normalized unit groups of modular group algebras
Utils 0.43  20/10/2016  Utility functions in GAP
Wedderga 4.7.3  18/09/2015  Wedderburn Decomposition of Group Algebras
XGAP 4.26  06/11/2016  a graphical user interface for GAP
XMod 2.58  02/11/2016  Crossed Modules and Cat1-Groups
XModAlg 1.12  14/11/2015  Crossed Modules and Cat1-Algebras